Liburnian Tabletop Day



After successfull game day held in April this year, the association “Kulturni Front” decided to organize another “Liburnian Tabletop Day”. This Saturday, 8.11., Hosted “Link” in Lovran will once again be hosting this entertaining and educational one-day-long event.

Like the last time, the program will be based on a wide variety of table games, several guided RPG campaigns, tournaments and presentations.

Although the “game day” at first appears as pure entertainment, it is also much more. Most table games are based on the strategy, luck, knowledge, or a combination of these elements. Playing means spending time in good company, having fun, but at the same time actively thinking, planning and developing various environmental and social skills. Playing table games, from classic to recent, has a well-proven affect on people of all ages. All in all, table games combine laughter, socializing, learning and development of intellectual abilities in one package.

If you are a beginner, visit us and enter the world of games that you never 10475990_1547377225492505_3103743452843647143_nknew existed. Guided by our volunteers, try diferent games that you can later enjoy on the family and friend gatherings. If you’re a hardcore “gamer”, take this opportunity to
try out some of the games that you have seen on the shelves or different lists, but have not had the opportunity to test them with your team. We especially recommend the RPG and roll-playing games. If you don’t know what it is, we recommend you to take the opportunity to enter the world of pure imagination guided by our experienced Game Masters.

Opening hour is 12 pm, and you can play until the early morning hours.

Accreditation: 10 kn

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